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To open the menu, click on the ‘Sudoku Generator” in the Excel Ribbon Menu and then click on one of the five puzzle names. This will open the menu. You can click and hold on the menu to drag it to another place on your screen.


Before you can generate your puzzles and solutions, first select a folder on your pc where the puzzles and solutions should be stored. Create a new folder if desired. Makes sure the folder has ‘write’ permission.


Total Puzzles:
the total number of puzzles you want to create and save to your pc.
Start number:
The puzzles will be numbered, here you can select the starting number of the puzzles.
Difficulty Level:
Here you can choose between different levels: easy, medium, hard and extreme.
Title & Title number:
Here you decide if you want to show the title name and/or the number of the puzzle.
Copy to clipboard: This will copy a single puzzle or solution, which you can then paste as an image in another application or document.
Preview: this will show you how the puzzles will appear. It’s adviced to click preview to make sure the puzzle layout looks ok before you start to save a btach of puzzles.
Save Puzzles: This will save the puzzles and solutions in the designated folders as high quality svg files. 

TITLE Settings

These settings will determine how the title of the puzzle and solution will look like. Make sure you click ‘Preview” on the main menu first before you generate large numbers of puzzles.


Here you can select the font and the font size of the numbers of the puzzle.

The odd and even symbols are only for the ‘Odd-Even Sudoku‘ Puzzles, which has 2 option as shown below.