KDP Tool Creation Project: Share Your Unique Ideas

This invitation is for people who have creative ideas for a new type of tool or software. The goal is to come up with a program idea that can help you grow your KDP business.
You might be looking for a tool, program, or software that doesn’t exist yet, as far as you know.
You may not have the resources or expertise to create such a tool on your own, but that’s where KDP Tools can help you out.

Here’s what you can do:
-Share your unique idea for software you’d love to have.
-Be willing to test the software and provide feedback while it’s being developed.

Here’s what we’ll do:
-We’ll create the software tool based on the ideas you’ve shared.
-Once it’s finished, you’ll get a free copy of the software.
-You’ll also have the opportunity to become an affiliate for this product and earn up to 50% commission for each sale.

Here are the conditions:
-There needs to be a potential market for this tool.
-You should make sure your idea doesn’t violate any copyrights or trademarks.
-The tool will be developed for Windows and Microsoft Office (like most KDP Tools).

Submit Your KDP Software Idea

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Please describe the idea that you have, what the tool should do, the benefits for you and other people….