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With the Shape Columns you can set the number of columns that are used to create the puzzle. In this example the puzzles are 4 columns wide.

Letters per Shape

Here you can set the number of letters inside every shape. In this example  there are 5 columns of shapes, each of them has 3 letters.

Phrases, Themes

Select your phrases here, you can add your own columns of phrases, quotes and different themes. Click on the sentences tab at the bottom to open the sheet with all your themes.

Difficult Level

With the slider you can set the difficulty level from easy to hard. When you select ‘easy’ then some letters in puzzle will already show up. This will give the user hints how to solve the puzzle.

Set the Size of the Various Shapes
Here you can change the size of the puzzle shapes, at the puzzle top, the puzzle bottom and the solution.

Add Colors

You can set the colors of the border of the shape and the inside of the shape.

Change Fonts
Here you select your font and it’s size

Use Shape Image

In stead of giving the shape a color, you can use images as background for each shape. In the ‘Shape Color’ menu select the ‘Shape Image’ box.

Then in the Shape Image select the Image Path where your image is saved.

The example shows a light brown brick image appearing inside the top shapes.