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Creating Puzzle Text from Verses

NOTE: This part takes place inside the sheet named “Bible“, which contains the main data of the all bible verses.  So this is NOT the sheet named “Combined”

Before you create the bold/underlined words for your puzzle you need to set the criteria for the words first:

1.Click the “Filters” tab in the main menu

Select if you want the words bold or underlined or both.
Select how many words you want to be marked.
Select the number of characters a word can have.

There are 2 ways to create  bold/underlined words inside a bible verse that will be used for the puzzle.
A. By hand
Double Click anywhere in a row. The puzzle words will be created (4) and the original verse will show with the marked puzzle words(5)
At the same time the cell in the first column will turn green(3), signifying that the creation of puzzle words inside the verse has been successful.

When you double click that same row again, the puzzle words and sentence will be removed again.

All rows with this green mark will be used to generate word search puzzles.

If one of the verses does not meet the criterea, which in this example is a minimum of 4 words, then the cell will turn red in stead of green. All rows with this cell colored red will not be used to create the word search puzzles.

B. Batch Creating

The second way to create these puzzle sentences from the Bible verses is multiple rows at same time.
1. In the Main menu select the ‘Filters Action’ tab. 
2.In the ‘Create Puzzle Text’ option select ‘All Visible Rows’ and click the orange button ‘create’
3. All visible rows  have now puzzle words and all first column cells are turned green.

Clear Selections
You can also undo the selections again by clicking on the ‘Clear All Selected’ button which you can find below the slicers.
Or you can double click with your left mouse button anywhere in a row to unselect that particular row.

When you click preview  to generate 1 single puzzle it will use the first selected (green) puzzle