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Menu: Generating Puzzles

1. Height and Width: sets the height and width of the puzzle grid.
Available: The number of puzzles that are selected in the database table.
Puzzles: The number of puzzles to generate
Startnumber: The first puzzle being generated starts with this number

2. Database table: Select which database table to generate puzzles from

3. Directions: you can select the direction of how the words appear inside the grid. The direction to the ‘right’ is set as default. All other 7 directions you can activate or de-activate.

4. Inner Lines: Hide or show the inner lines inside the puzzle grid.

5. Solution color: The color of the cells inside the solution grid

6. Hints: The percentage will determine how many hints are displayed inside the puzzle grid.

7. Copy: This will copy a single puzzle or solution to the clipboard, which can be pasted in another file or program.

8. Close: This will hide the menu
Insert PowerPoint: This will generate puzzles and solutions and inserts them into PowerPoint
Preview: This will show you a preview of the first generated puzzle and solution.
Save as Image: This will save your puzzles and solutions as images in your directory.

9. Reset Form. To reset this menu form and reload the last saved settings.